“IBA, and specifically, Alex Soto were fantastic to work with. We have worked with several funding companies over the past few years when needing capital for our business, and IBA made it simple and painless to secure funding. Alex’s follow up and hard work to get us the needed funding was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend IBA to any business in need of quick capital and funding options tailored to their needs. Thanks Alex for all of your help!” — Frank A. – Sales/Service

“Just a note to say thank you for your courteous handling of our loan process. I had a lot of reservations, but you helped me through the process. Thanks.” — Dwight C. – Construction

“I can not explain how amazing, fast, professional and easy Alex with IBA was to work with. He was not pushy like normal sales people. He explained everything in detail, did not get frustrated at any repeat questions, and made sure we understood everything and we were comfortable. He even went so far as to extend his personal cell phone number if we had any questions. I WILL highly recommend Alex and his staff to anyone in need of their assistance! Thank you guys! Excellent work!” — Geoff R. – Auto Dealer

“I wanted to let you know that funds are received. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working with you once again to secure funding for building improvements to our 38 bed, residential memory and hospice care setting. While I have been contacted by HOARDS of other lenders since first borrowing with IBA Business Solutions, I have continued to turn to you for funding for some very compelling reasons. You continue to offer competitive rates. You have made the process so simple and easy from our very first loan and you expedite funding without a lot of wasted time. TIME IS MONEY and I hate to waste it. I appreciate your pragmatic and straight forward manner and the always prompt return of any email or call. I look forward to working with you in the future as we continue to “polish the pearl” and keep our care setting looking it’s best.” — Linda C. – Hospice Care

“ETS initially chose IBA Business Solutions because of its Better Business Bureau accreditation. Doing financing with a reputable firm is most important to us. We wanted to consolidate our credit card debt and lower our overall interest rate. This goal was understood immediately and IBA’s Alex Soto was there to assist us. To our delight, we found working with Alex Soto was comfortable and easy throughout the process. While there is a 3 hour time difference, accessibility was never an issue. Calls and questions were answered within minutes. Not only were the professional interactions pleasant, the entire loan process was efficient and quick. Good customer service was important to all involved. Thank you!” — Trudy A. – Manufacturing

“IBA has exceeded our expectations. Alex Soto was very courteous and answered all of our questions and had great customer service. We look forward to doing business again.” — Guadalupe R. – Logistics

“I started some weeks into the process of utilizing IBA Business Solutions. I worked with Ethan on several phone calls. He was very instrumental in me obtaining the loan that I needed for my business. Because of my work schedule, I was unable to complete all documents in a timely manner. However Mr. Scott worked with me and was very understanding as to when I could speak and whether or not I was out in the field. His persistence and professionalism was one of the key factors in me going with IBA. I would recommend IBA to any business that wants to get a jump start on a short-term or long-term solution for their business.” — Thedford F. – Real Estate

“I have used other merchant funding sources before and decided to give IBA a chance as I saw a flyer on their business. The process was fairly easy and the team was very clear of my needs. I was funded within 3 business days of my start process. Hope to use again in the future!” — Carlos V. – Retail

“Jeff was very professional in handling my application. Giving me direction and guidance, explaining what we involved, etc. Alan on the other hand was very thorough in explaining what was in tail regarding fees, charges, etc. I like that they are transparent in doing business with the small business owners particularly helping us finance what we need in a short period of time. I highly recommend them to any business owners. Thank you for all your help and hope to do business again in the near future.” — Josefina P. – Travel Agency

“IBA/Andrew Burns were extremely professional and incredibly simple to work with. They gave us the working capital we needed to make payroll in a slow month. Thank you!!!” — Debby V. – Staffing

“My experience with Andrew Burns and IBA was a positive one. We needed some funding and they were able to accommodate us. Contacting Andrew Burns was easy and he provided the best answers he could as we went through the process of qualifying for and receiving our loan. Another IBA associate was involved as well, and he also was readily available at any turn. Sometimes borrowing money from a company like IBA can be a bit scary. They put all the requirements right up front and made jumping through the necessary hoops bearable. They were both professional and responsive and were the right choice for us. From a retail business in Southern Wisconsin.” — Judy C. – Retail

“Working with IBA Business Solutions was truly amazing! Ethan was great and so optimistic! He worked with us so we were able to get the best rate possible. He is so quick to respond to any questions you may have and follow it up. The process is easy plus no hidden fees. He was able to explain everything clearly. Doing business with them was one of the best decisions we ever made! Thanks a lot!” — Ritchie C. – Medical Transport

“IBA Business Solutions was a tremendous help in getting the funds I needed for my business very quickly. Ethan Scott was very helpful in working with me and getting things taken care of as quick as possible. I would definitely recommend IBA Business Solutions.” — Eric S. – Insurance

“Mr. Ethan Scott has been instrumental in helping us secure very crucial funding needed in the expansion. He has been nothing but helpful, sympathetic, courteous and enthusiastic during the whole process from application, funding and beyond. He would be the first consultant I reach out to again, should the need for funding arise.” — Luke C. – Wholesaler

“IBA has given me a second chance to renovate and rebuild my business. It was a lot easier than working with the bank and the process was fast. I would absolutely recommend their services to others in need of financing as they did a great job. Especially Andrew Burns, he was a great guy that worked with me on every step of the way. Always responded to my emails/phone calls and explained everything to me. This guy was amazing and you guys know you should be proud to have him on your team. Love working with IBA, only hoping that the business keeps doing well, so I can pay you guys back quickly and keep up this good relationship. I am sure if I didn’t come back for more business with this business, I will be using you guys to help me with another business in the future.” — Bebo S. – Restaurant

“It was a pleasant experience working with Ethan Scott. Ethan explained everything and kept me up to date with the whole process. I was a little nervous at first but he was able to keep me at ease. The funding was quick and easy and I would highly recommend this company to others.” — David P. – Auto Repair

“IBA was great to do business with. The process was quick and not a lot of questions. They did exactly what they said. I hope this is a start to a good business relationship.” — Jill R. – Excavating

“I feel working with IBA was really awesome and easy as 1,2,3. I layed out an idea of what and where I wanted to take my shop, which is the next level. In order to do that, it takes funds. Now that I have what I need, I put my money straight to work in advertising and getting another paint booth in order to move more products out the door. Thank you for the great help, can’t wait to pay off this loan and do it again.” — Jack G. – Auto Repair

“The team at IBA was easy to communicate with and Ethan was very attentive to my business needs. IBA was able to arrange monthly payments apposed to two weekly payments I had with another lender. The result was, we paid the old lender in full and opened up my weekly cash flow. I would highly recommend their team and services to others in need of financing.” — Mike H. – Retail

“After a slow spring and summer season, business is finally starting to pick up. Just one problem, we needed some working capital to purchase materials to get the jobs moving. We contacted IBA, spoke first with Andrew and then dealt with Jeff. The process was simple, fast and painless. Bottom line, we received funding to get our customers jobs started. Couldn’t have done it without IBA. Jeff stayed on top of things the entire way, he was most helpful. Thanks to IBA!” — Mark C. – Construction

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to expand my business. Applying for a loan has NEVER been so fast, easy, and completely stress free for me. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support and time spent explaining to me about all I need to know about the loan. Your personal commitment was incredibly helpful to me and I am very pleased with your service and your well mannered and courteous nature with a very professional attitude and also somewhat like family. I so look forward to a bright future working with you. I most certainly will recommend IBA to my friends and colleagues as well.” — Marcelo V. – Transportation

“I thank Jeff Goldman and the team for the support to get funding timely.” — Boris K. – Engineering

“As a seasonal business the need for capital prior to our operating season is critical. It is during this time that excellent buying opportunities are available, certain improvements can be made that are not possible while in operating mode and daily cash flow needs must be addressed. IBA helped us make it through our off season by providing us with an easy, quick streamlined process to get us the funds needed to address our issues. You guys were great to work with, your follow up was timely, and I feel we made a good financial decision for our business. Thank you for your help and I will come your way if the needs arises again in the future.” — John V. – Day Camp

“Working with Jeff Goldman at IBA Business Solutions has been a very pleasant, rewarding experience. After working with other companies in the past, IBA is a welcome change. They are professional, honest and low pressure. Jeff delivered on his promise of a fast and efficient funding process. We needed the extra funds to use for working capital as we are experiencing growing pains. IBA Solutions took some of the internal pressure off of our need for this capital.” — Mitch S. – Avionics

“My experience with IBA and Jeff Goldman was great, very easy process and very fast. Jeff explained everything with no surprises. 10 out of 10.” — Angelo G. – Auto Repair

“Jeff, Thank you for being honest, up front and fair to me and my business. You and the people I worked with did a great and quick job for me. Thank you.” — Mark C. – Auto Repair

“I got a timely call from Ethan Scott, who is a senior account executive at IBA Business Solutions, while I’m in midst of looking for funding sources in order to purchase raw materials. Ethan was able to expedite the process and get the funds wired to our account promptly, which in turn, got us to beat the deadline of having the raw materials available for production. Ethan was very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend IBA loans to any business looking for a quick and easy way of funding and doesn’t mind making daily small payments to pay off the loan.” — Joel N. – Landscaping

“Just wanted to reach out and thank the IBA family for working diligently with us to help provide us with the tools necessary to continue to make our business grow. Jeff, our direct contact, was continuously hands on from start to finish every step of the way. The type of approach that was taken and the care given is a direct representation of what IBA has to offer all of its clients. I am happy to have been assigned such professionalism as a first time customer. Thanks again for great service and hard work!” — William P. – Limousine Services